30 Crypto Slangs Every Beginner Needs to Know

Perhaps you’re thinking about entering the exciting world of cryptocurrency, because no one wants to experience FOMO. But you’ve seen some words in that community that don’t entirely make sense to you. Have you been called a no-coiner?

Or you’ve been in the digital currency game for a minute but are too afraid to ask what mooning actually means.

Everything from technical to social, you’ll be using these slang terms like a pro in no time.

Whatever your crypto situation may entail, this article can be your complete guide to crypto slang fluency as you learn and gain understanding of this new vocab.


This action is used when an individual or company gives cryptocurrency out to a mass of crypto users all at once.


As Bitcoin is the largest and most well-known cryptocurrency, the term altcoin was coined in reference to other cryptocurrencies that aren’t Bitcoin.

Bag Holder

This is the unfortunate case when an individual puts their funds into a seemingly profitable position, but in time it loses its value, and the gain is lost.

The individual is left ‘holding the bag’ because they didn’t leave the declining investment, hence the name, bag holder.


Known fully as, buy the dip, this is when an individual pursues an investment after there’s a decline in its price.


This is a term used when an investor is coping with the loss of crypto. 


You’ve heard of hijacking, and this term is quite similar. This is the act of someone installing and using your computer without your knowledge to mine crypto.


The socially fatal disease of Cryptosis, the known side effects are people yammering day in and day out about the world of crypto, and almost only taking in content that is crypto related.


This is in reference to the cryptocurrency that remains in your wallet because it is too small of an amount to transfer it anywhere. You don’t want to have a dusty wallet.


Another acronym that stands for do your own research. Meaning, it is smart and recommended to do your own research before pouring in your time, energy, and finances into crypto, so you have an understanding of what to expect and what to do in the crypto world.


Fish is in reference to crypto buyers who buy in tiny quantities and sell in the same fashion.


Some people have the apocalypse in the back of their minds, while those in the crypto world have the Flippening. This will be the day (if said day comes) that Ethereum is more valuable than Bitcoin.


This acronym stands for fear of a better option. It is commonly seen amongst investors who may be anxious to make an investment decision because there may be a better choice in the future.


This acronym stands for fear of missing out, and although it is used in the real world in relation to our peers, in cryptocurrency it’s referring to the fear of missing out on an investment.


This term stands for the words fear, uncertainty, and doubt; it is a technique used by some crypto investors to lessen the ‘value’ of an investment so there won’t be more investors. Or competing investors may spread FUD around another investor’s crypto development, so it won’t receive new investments.


These are individuals or whole companies that spread fud throughout their media channels for their own gain.


Spanning back in 2013 during trading market rumbles the term Hodl, which is hilariously and purposefully a misspelling of the word hold, was invented. This term essentially means holding onto your investments for long-term gain rather then going through the rough terrain of trading.


These are individuals who hodl their investments to the extreme; their plan is to hold onto their investments until it reaches the highest value it can possibly be.


Hopium is commonly used to refer to someone as a hopium addict. This is an individual who is turning their head and covering their ears to facts surrounding crypto and hanging onto false hopes.  


This is an individual who has no cryptocurrency whatsoever.


An individual who is new to the crypto world and hasn’t taken much part in it.


This is a term used when investments are raising higher and faster than usual. It is an exciting and anticipating feeling wrapped into the word, mooning.


Rekt is a term used when something negative has happened to you or an individual that is in connection with cryptocurrency. Usually, it’s a word tossed around when someone has lost a significant amount of crypto. 


This is a shortened version of Satoshi Nakamoto, who is the pseudonym creator of Bitcoin, sats is the tinniest unit of bitcoin value. In decimals, which bitcoin is easily used in, this is where the sats are: 0.00000001.


Shill also used in the form shilling is performed by those who are looking to spread false information to encourage their own products, services, and tools.


As you may have guessed based on the name, this is a crypto coin that is doomed from the start because of the flimsy foundations it originates from. 


A term used to describe something as a sweet idea, but it will most likely not be fully developed and or exist in the crypto world. 

Weak Hands

Weak hands are in reference to individuals who sell their crypto instead of holding onto it and waiting for the value to rise. Weak hands are the opposite of hodlers.


Originating from the Dodgecoin community, and has spread throughout the crypto world, this term is used in reference to acclaiming when crypto is doing well but also wondering when the value is going to rise.

Wen Lambo

Wen Lambo is the romanization of becoming crypto rich, to live a lavish lifestyle because of all your obtained cryptocurrency.


This nickname of sorts is picked because of a whale’s gigantic size, when someone is called a whale in the crypto world it means they are a huge trader in cryptocurrency. 

Well, look at you, you DYOR and aren’t walking on Noob Street anymore. You can take your newly gained knowledge and set out into the crypto world! 

This content should not be treated as investment advice. Cryptocurrency is a highly risky and speculative market.

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