Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is regarded as the earliest and most popular cryptocurrency, which exists in the crypto space has been impactful since the mining of the "genesis block," the first block.

What Is Bitcoin: Introduction and History

Bitcoin can be traced down to 2008 when the website was registered as "Bitcoin.org," even though the development of the blocks started in 2009.

It is still pseudonymous the founder of Bitcoin, but the master brain behind us linked to a Japanese man called Satoshi Nakamoto; he created Bitcoin whose whitepaper was launched in his name, more so the software for the first block of bitcoin was developed by him.

Bitcoin came into existence when there was a pressing need for a global currency to substitute the pre-existing fiat currency, which many banks utilizes in the business transaction to make a profit which is a golden opportunity for them; these led to global crises as most of this depositor's money which is in the form of a fiat currency got crashed in the business it was invested into.

The trust in saving up banks became weak because millions of dollars have been lost even though a central bank institution is set up to overlook and monitor the traditional banking system.

Furthermore, the liquidity that happens to global finance and market resulted from the mortgage crises from market house collapse in the United States of America (USA); at this point, from 2007 to 2008, Bitcoin came as a solution to the global financial crises.

In contrast to the fiat currency regulated by the government and bank policy as to its creation and rate of supply, Bitcoin is decentralized and supported with confidence because it is not being regulated by the government, inflation rates, factors affecting economic growth, and monetary policies. The advantages that Bitcoin provides over fiat currency made it popular, increasing the demand.

Bitcoin Launching Price

Bitcoin becoming the most expensive and valuable crypto asset, started when the whitepaper was published with the title "Bitcoin: A peer-to-peer electronic cash system" in 2008. With the blockchain technology set up, Bitcoin started a public transaction in 2010 at a rate of $0.0008 per 1 Bitcoin (BTC); this rose very fast to $0.08 at the end of the first month of launching.

Down to April 2013, Bitcoin recorded a rate at 1BTC=$250, even though this time bitcoin price is still not stabilized, but the impact of the price growing spontaneously within a short space of 3 years to about x1000 of the launch price made investors and populace study more of the new wave of digital currency.

In November 2021, Bitcoin recorded its all-time high (ATH) at $69k despite the COVID-19 pandemic; these have proved its strength in times of financial recession, which is fear of many people.

How Does Bitcoin Work

Bitcoin, commonly known as a cryptocurrency, is digital money whose control is decentralized, and the technology on which it is built is called "Blockchain," regarded as for block collection. The blockchain is a decentralized distributed ledger that is digital; this ledger database contains a block that encodes transactions and information of buyers and sellers, date, time, value, and codes that are special to each transaction.

The blockchain system cannot be maneuvered because the same commerce list and blocks are shared by computers used for blockchain, which, when new blocks are added, admit it with the recent transaction.

The block is interconnected by a chain of blocks, which is made possible by building on the previous block hash, which gives the security features to the blockchain technology because any move to distort the block is not always validated.

Cryptography is used to ensure a blockchain's orderliness, chronological, and integrity. The Bitcoin transaction function as a public ledger as when new blocks are added in a transaction, it is accessible to anyone that views it. For a Bitcoin blockchain to add a transaction block, it must be validated by miners of Bitcoin.

For every transaction of Bitcoin, there is a code that is uniquely used in identifying users' transactions and wallets known as Bitcoin address (a public key used in receiving Bitcoin).

What Is Bitcoin Mining

The concept of generating new bitcoins via problem-solving is regarded as mining bitcoin. It includes contending computers that handle math problems utilizing sophisticated CPUs. The first individual to tackle the challenge with a bitcoin miner (a concept often used to characterize these computers) earns bitcoin. Furthermore, the mining Bitcoin process confirms and validates transaction processing.

Bitcoin is generated using personal computers using traditional central processing units for a brief time after launch (CPUs). The procedure, from the other side, was extremely glitchy. Bitcoin has been created by major mining groups that cover multiple locations. Bitcoin miners are a group of machines that use a significant amount of energy to mine bitcoin.

How to Mine Bitcoin

The aim of creating a blockchain in a Bitcoin network during mining is to solve the problem of double-spending ( challenge of finding consensus on transaction history). Mining Bitcoin uses financial incentives to build a strong and reliable system for data organization. Intermediaries who conduct activities are autonomous and incentivized for moral behavior. Any misconduct from the other resulted in a decrease in economic assets, especially as long as the rest of the persons were sincere.

This solution is accomplished in Mining bitcoin by generating a succession of blocks that can be statistically proven to be piled in the correct order with a given amount of inventory contribution. The technique is defined as a mathematical characteristic of a hash algorithm, a standard method of encoding information.

Since hashes are such encoding devices, decoding hashes to their raw data is nearly impossible until every possible variation is checked till the outcome matches the provided hash. 

Since hashes are such encoding devices, decoding hashes to their raw data is nearly impossible until every feasible variation is checked till the outcome matches the provided hash. Bitcoin miners work in this manner: they loop over millions of hashes for every second till they find the one that fits a "difficulty" requirement. As both the difficulty and the hash are enormous integers expressed in bits, this requirement plainly states that the hash should be below the difficulty.

Miners construct a hash being used as a signature for every block and is formed from the information contained in the blockchain network. The Merkle base - an additional aggregated hash that contains the fingerprints of all transactions within this block - and the preceding block's distinct hash are by far the most critical elements of the hash.

This indicates that adjusting even the slightest constituent of a block would modify its projected hash and the hash of every subsequent block. This incorrect form of the database would be rejected outright by nodes, shielding the network from interference.

What Is Bitcoin Worth?

The worth of Bitcoin at the time of writing this article in March 2022 is $43k, after dropping from all time high price, which was hit by November 2021 at $69k. Bitcoin prices have not been stable, which is contributed by some whales trying to break its dominance, with many other factors like the war that recently took place between Ukraine and Russia.

On the other side, Bitcoin value became strengthened when El Salvador invested in Bitcoin and debated making it legal tender cash in their country. With a current market cap of $828.45 billion and a total supply of 18.97 million in circulation, which makes it about 44% of the total cryptocurrency market cap of $2trillion, all these attributed to the dominance of Bitcoin. 

How to Buy Bitcoin

Buying bitcoin is not a complex procedure, though, in some countries, it is not permitted. Once you are in a region or country that has not placed a ban on buying cryptocurrency, all you need only is accessibility to a few of the multiple marketplaces that sell Bitcoin and purchase it. Cryptocurrency exchanges are the labels for that kind of website.

If you're a newbie to crypto space or Bitcoin, you'll have to discover how to navigate one of these exchanges to swap your cash in the form of fiat (USD) into Bitcoin. Purchasing Bitcoin has been divided into four major simple procedures. These should be applied irrespective of the crypto exchange that you want to use.

Step 1: Select an exchange platform

To buy from a Website that sells cryptocurrency is similar to that of forex, but they differ in terms of payments procedure, gas fee, and security features. To proceed, you need to select an exchange that permits USD as a form of payment; some popular examples are Binance.US for Americans, Coinbase, and Gemini; these exchange platforms are strongly recommended for Americans or countries where you can use USD as a payment option.

The gas fee guides your choice of exchange platform to buy bitcoin (a transaction charge on every purchase) the location of your purchase as some bitcoin exchange websites are location-based.

Step 2: Set Up a Account

The next step after finalizing your choice of exchange platform to use is to register an account. You will be asked to create an account; then, you fill in all your necessary information like name, country, email, and means of identification.

Document needed in a country like the USA is, national ID card, international passport, driver's license, recent passport photograph, and a bank statement or utility bill, which must entail your address.

After filing the information, you will be requested to verify your details using KYC (know your customer). On some platforms, KYC verification might take a few hours or days.

Upon verification, you are halfway to purchasing bitcoin. You then make some deposit equivalent to the amount of bitcoin (BTC) you want to buy.

Step 3: Fund the Account

To execute the purchase of bitcoin, you will need to make deposits of USD into the exchange platform using either a credit card or debit card. Depending on the bank, sometimes you can encounter a delay in the deposit, which might take a few hours or days.

Buying bitcoin with a debit card is more advantageous, especially in bulk, because it incurs few charges upon deposit and is very fast. Using a credit card is not advisable for newbie investors or people that want to buy a small unit of bitcoin because the charges on using the card are very high, making the purchase expensive. Also, some countries and platforms will not allow credit cards to deposit on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Step 4: Buy Bitcoin

With a deposit of $10 minimum, you can purchase bitcoin; there is a computed calculator that brings the equivalent of bitcoin you want to buy with USD with the price of BTC at the point of purchase.

There are a few methods of buying BTC: spot trade, instant buy, and person to person (p2p). Instant buy uses your credit card to purchase bitcoin, probably because it's an urgent need; this usually comes with high charges.

Spot trading is an option in exchange platform that allows you to buy and sell bitcoin at varying options, stop limit ( choosing the specific rate to buy BTC, which automatically will be executed), market order ( buying BTC at the instant price).

And lastly is a secondary marketplace where you connect directly with a buyer in your region, send your fiat government currency, and collect bitcoin in exchange.

Investing in Bitcoin

Huge security compromises have arisen throughout the history of bitcoin, including cryptocurrency exchanges and personal wallets. Investing in a bitcoin project does not assure that it will thrive in the end. Bitcoin often has encountered unforeseen liquidity outflows in the past.

Because bitcoin is decentralized and thus has no governing agencies, the surest way to invest in cryptocurrency is to count on the screening practically done by prominent cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, like so many before launching a crypto project for exchange on their websites.


Bitcoin has grown to be a pacesetter in the crypto space, creating a history in the world of decentralized finance. As the world embraces its users to exchange goods and services, it promises a brighter future to the crypto enthusiast.

Based on the complexity of mining, it requires a high-performance GPU, backed with an efficient Power Supply Unit and cooling fans to cool the rig down in cases of overheating.

This content should not be treated as investment advice. Cryptocurrency is a highly risky and speculative market.

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